We really need more updates and transparency from the devs

Agreed. The constraints of the form factor, screen resolutions and number of keys (when not using the light key) make it ideal for its retro usage. Anything more intense is way too much of a battery drain, that like you I would prefer to use my rPi on a 7” touch screen.

To me at least, it fulfils what I want it to do, ie have a minimalistic interface and be a fun sand box for my own projects. Most of those don’t require much grunt from the Lima drivers etc.

Any extra things like n64 emulation is an added bonus. That said, it’s like buying a lotus elise and using it as a rally car. Sure you can pimp it out, and if could be used. But it’s just not going to be worth the effort due to the form factor. Okay bad example. And just personal anecdotal comments.

Playing devil’s advocate, the graphics issues mentions here are like, I guess buying a mid range graphics card, and finding out that 30% of them can be hacked to unlock additional pipelines to turn it into a high range graphics card. If it can work then yay! Or say, finding out a low end card has direct X 12 support, only fo find that it can only run the most simple of games.

I guess what it comes down to is, what was originally proposed when it was kickstarted? Have they delivered upon everything? Should the things they haven’t delivered on be a priority, or should optimising existing experiences come first?

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I got my gameshell to develop on it, the playing games part was just an added bonus :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the community should be involved on the development too, but still some things are not open


Curious, what things do you refer by not being open?

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For example, two major things,

  1. When the next update is coming or in the works

  2. If you guys are even noticing the problems

It’s open source and everybody’s gotta help, but throwing the devs problems and blames on the community just makes things worse.


Yes, me too. PSX and N64 are a gift but that’s not the whole point. I criticize that devs aren’t helping and even for retro games like you say, VSync isn’t even an option mora than 1 year later.

This thread has as similar “flavour text” to this one:

Probably worth getting them merged eventually.

I think the dev’s contribution are mainly in the GitHub page. I could be wrong, and assuming here. This is where I keep up to date with what has been updated. They seem to be updating the “software” or launcher side of things once every week and a half or so. So I guess, their primary focus is on the user interface experience, and user push/pull requests that happen over there.

The forum seems to be what the clockwork people wanted to

but probably a bit too much of an emphasis on the “community” driven side. It’s a fine balance since they

Important things like, where to find the clockwork OS image and other similar things that gets lost to time could be all included in n FAQ thread. It comes down to what people deem to be important.

Maybe the devs will see this. Maybe they won’t.

If you were to prioritise one feature as being the primary focus for the next release, what would you choose?

  • software
  • operating system
  • graphics drivers
  • v-sync
  • porting emulators

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I think at this point it’s pretty safe to say we aren’t going to see any improvement on the GameShell as an emulation machine. It still has the best case design on the market, but there are plenty of better options for people that want to do retro gaming. The people who made this thing probably already sold the bulk of unities they wanted to sell, jumping on the retro gaming bandwagon, but this is a NOT a retro gaming machine. It has the shape of a Game Boy just to sell to retro gamers. They are just going to let this thing slowly die and move on to something else. Developing an actual GPU driver is just too much an hassle, and why should they do it? Too much time and work, and they already made all the money they could. Somebody here says they are not the ones that have to do it. I disagree a little bit on this point, but it doesn’t matter anyway.
I would not recommend this thing to anybody to be honest: as a retro gamer, it’s just by far the most unfriendly system to get ready to play on the market, and without any good real reasons. As a developer, there are plenty of better platforms to develop for.

What I refer to open, is the open source part, some things are mising. For example the kernel

There are some missing files/configs for the compilation process


I agree with you on most points.
Are we slowly going toward the death of the GS?
Why have they made the design modular then? Instead of maybe trying to make a GSv2, they could offer upgraded, more powerfull modular parts. I just don’t get it, they design it modular for nothing? Only to be different? Only for the look of it? I hope not.

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the kernel is opensource for sure

and the compilation process is

cp ./arch/arm/configs/clockworkpi_cpi3_defconfig .config
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-
mkimage -A arm -O linux -T kernel -C none -a 0x40008000 -e 0x40008000 -n "Linux kernel" -d arch/arm/boot/zImage uImage

the configs will be there after you applied the patches ,gameshell offers the kernel patches for the mainline kernel

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This Poll should be pined to the top of the forum and it should be the first thing people see when they login!!!


Well, I think that the team that made the GameShell is obviously really passionate and good at engineering stuff. I think that where they fail is the pure business sense: there seems to a lack in business leadership, like there’s no one that really knows how to run a company. The marketing is really great though, they made a good job with that, and I think that this probably saved the project, to some extent. But I doubt we will see many exciting news in the future. It’s a shame because I really like this device and I still get fun out of it, but it could have been a lot more than this.

There’s a GSv2 in the works??? I must have missed that comment! Going towards the death of the Gameshell?! Haha a little melodramatic don’t you think? Haha I jest. :slight_smile:
They did offer the 3.1 clockwork board. And there is a high res display in the works. The light key module itself was an upgrade part. I guess that leaves the battery, speaker and keyboard module. Perhaps that should be another thing to add to the poll; making more interchangeable modules.

The team is definitely passionate about the engineering side of things! They don’t advertise at all that they’re business minded people, actively apologising for their shortcomings. They probably had a vision of the community coming together to make the Gameshell grow; which it has!! More communication and collaboration with the devs is what the people want. And hey! Look at this thread! There is that kinda communication going on.

If only discussion like this could just happen without being prefaced with disappointment and finger pointing for something that hasn’t been delivered upon. Likewise with people getting frustrated, threatening to sell their consoles, or give up on help being offered, due to the steep learning curve.

Given the game jams they’ve run, it seems like this is marketed as being a device to encourage community development. Given the shady grey area surrounding commercial Roms, from a legal business standpoint this … kinda makes sense. No point going down the path of the Souljaboy. :wink:

There are a few threads surrounding V-Sync. If you run games that depend on retroarch from the launcher, you can get v-sync, if you enable it.
Not all the standalone emulators have the option to enable v-sync; let alone any graphics option. That’s up to the external software maintainers. Having them ported is just a bonus, provided by the community and then later included in 0.4 by the devs.
I guess I never was offended by the occasional screen tearing/v-sync issues that come up. It comes down to how much you want your Gameshell to do.

lol the GSv2 is an example that mean instead of eventually releasing a new GS they should develop further the modular aspect of the first one. English is not my language so I tend to cut corners… :slight_smile:

Also I believe that being negatives and pointing fingers is a part of the process of discussion too. It give an idea of how the community feel right now so its not a bad thing.

Where you get that file from?

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download the mainline kernel (version equals to the gameshell)

apply the kernel patch from GameShell’s github (current 5.2.0-rc4 is in v0.4)

then you’ll see


I already have that option enabled (I don’t have that fancy version of RetroArch, how did you?), and it completely ignores me.

I’m on 0.3, with Lima activated, and I come from an unstable 0.4 with Lima activated as well. Neither of both had proper VSync.

The modded dwm source for example. I could not find it.