Which cm4 os image from the two provided?

Hello all, cwpi provided two os images on github. Which one do you use and why? How are the two different ?

So one is the basic install of rasperry pi os which has some apps and a pretty basic desktop, with the xfce one youll have a desktop but itll be pretty minimal, you be able to customise it more but youll have to download what you want on it. Yh both are pretty much the same just depends on preference. If you really not sure and new to this i wouldnt go for xfce.

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Thank you, this is helpful!

sadly both are highly outdated. if you feel safe with linux, you should try to install one of the 3rd party firmwares.

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Will likely do in the future. Bit first want to try with a ready to go image. And before that - want to have the uconsole in my hand… (still waiting)