Why is the microSd so hard to access

I mean, who decided to put that slot to the side? and not accessible from the outer housing? and it’s behind two bunch of cables!?

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While I agree it’s an inconvenience for developers - it’s important to realise what it’s for. The MicroSD has the full OS on it so it’s not like you’re just swapping in/out games. Also with today’s prices on 128GB and up SD cards I suspect they aren’t swapped out as much as you think. (My GSH has a 128Gb card in it and is only 3% or so used).

I would like to concur with John. I’m working on getting a development suite and such and the first thing i did was setup access. creating an SSH mapping or just using the SMB that it already has is easy enough, full access to the SD is not an important issue.