Width between stand sides, and "backpack" idea

Can anyone who has received their uConsole measure the distance between the two sides of the stand that stick out when its folded in? as shown here:

I’m looking at getting a Digilent Analog Discovery 2 or 3, and plan to make it into a little “backpack” for the uConsole, the AD3 is a little bigger at 100mm on a side. I want to make sure it fits.

I’m thinking of using the stand to hold the backpack in place, from some of the videos it seems like the stand is pretty secure in that position.


I have the uConsole at work and the AD2, will measure tomorrow. My uConsole is the R-01 so it can’t run the AD2.

I get about 117mm between the rails. Rails themselves are just over 2.5mm.

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What do you think of the Digilent? thinkiing about getting one as a scope - do you use it with labview or have your written your own linux driver?

4-3/4 " SAE… thanks!

I have had an AD2 for years, it is great for the price. I get student prices as I am a prof. I don’t have room at home for a full lab bench like I have at work, it works well. They just came out with the AD3, but won’t likely update it as I already have way too much test equipment. I have 3 scopes already not counting the AD2. I use the Waveforms app that comes with it. It would be great to use in on the uConsole, but I have the R-01 unit and there is no way any of it could work. I don’t use Labview, can’t tell you how well it works with that. I run Macs.

That’s great, thanks for checking!

Labview community is only available on Windows (maybe Macs) but not Linux and since it doesn’t compile code not mobile from device to device which I see as a huge short coming - but they have a large user base between education and industry so they do what they want…thanks for the reply!

I’m not really into the Labview topic anymore, but at least you still have a list of compatibility linux OS on your website.

notice Debian is not listed :frowning:
Oh well I use Node Red …