3D Printed Tool Holder

So i was thinking about all the expansion modules everyone is designing and thought that you would need the tool that comes with the uConsole to open it up every time you want to change the module or do other tinkering things. I thought i would just bluetac it to the metal bar stand or something but maybe someone can design a 3d printed holder or clip for the tool so that you wont loose it every time. Im not a 3d printer designer myself so im throwing this idea out there for anyone who wants to take up the challenge. Love to see what you all make. :yum:

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Send me the tool measurements and I can make one for you. I believe I can fit it inside the mount I created (something to insert it through the mount, like a or b below, on either side.


Thats the problem i dont have mine atm :upside_down_face:

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