Uconsole field ops shell design

fellow countrymen, pending the release of the uconsole design files, I’d like to start picking your brains for how I should design a case for the uconsole, since my last case for the devterm was a success Id like to follow up with a similar design, but this time I think their is a real opportunity to make some critical improvements to the idea so, SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!


I love that devterm case! I’d be all over a similar design for the uConsole that you could also print a mount for a USB SDR dongle that would attach to the picatinny style rail on the side. I’d like to attach an Alfa USB wifi adapter to the back also. Maybe something to accept this?

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ooh I should do that!, also thank you for reminding me that I have one of those!

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Dual picatinny rails would allow something like an external battery pack like this to be attached for longer run time.

Or this!

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@philosiraptor, do you have any recommendations for 3D printers for a home lab nerd like myself? I have been in the market. Not sure about resin or filament. I’m lost in general lol.

@woahneat oof you got expensive taste! But yeah I agree some sort of modular external battery situation should be an option, we will definitely have to standardize on a rail location, perhaps power tool batteries are also a viable option, idk, those old sony batteries that they used to use on camcorders seem like a nice size

Ender3 , it’s crap but if you learn to work around it , you’ll be able to justify the cost of a fancy shmancy printer. It’s backward logic but when you make it to the other side of that experience, you’ll probably agree why

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Oh yeah now that’s an idea too… Seems like most of the major power tool companies have those little 5V USB adapters so you can charge USB gadgets.

Picatinny rail sounded interesting path, so got myself couple of these while “Wen ship? ¯_(ツ)_/¯” waiting, will see if it fits (with double screws maybe)

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Molle mount please! Tactical detachment from the tecware!

On the DevTerm, someone designed a printable cover, that would be a great addition to the uConsole. The metal case is enough for most things, but something to protect the keyboard and display would be handy.


I agree! Either a flip around cover for the front OR a sliding outer shell that mates with the case kinda like the TI-83+ calculator has. Only con there would be any fun attachments we want would have to have a cutout in the outer shell or mount everything into the back of the unit.

Also was thinking M-lok slots on the case to accept standard M-lok picatinny rail sections (or a tactical flashlight because why not?! LOL /s) would make things universal. You can find off brand plastic M-lok sections on Amazon for less than $20.

I like the idea of MOLLE comparability too. Tons of options…

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I’m thinking we could utilize something like a safariland qls bracket to achieve this

I like the idea of the picatinny rail others have suggested. But, what I would really like is a RAM/AMPS mount on the back.

I was also thinking about a way to extend the battery capacity, like to hold more batteries.

I have an SDR-STK (from Terminal Armament) on order, it would be nice to mount it as well.

You should also know that I now need to order a dev terminal because your case makes it more functional…damn you…good work.

Michael AF6FB


Dang! I didn’t even know that was a thing! But I like it! It shall be so!

the cover could double as a sun screen - first field use of my DevTerm was miserable - couldn’t read the screen it was too bright outside… going to be a problem with the uConsole as well…

I had the basic SDR receiver at our last POTA event - I didn’t operate radio just curious about RF noise and solar power - I use an external gaming monitor with the DevTerm (mounted in the Ops Shell !) but there was real issues with glare - the POTA operator used a small camper to do his radio work from - it had curtains drawn and made for a good workspace - so being outside you almost need a shelter (next time I’ll take my suv canopy … also I use ICS for event management - these small hand held self contained linux appliances are more versatile than a phone or tablet… KI4UJY

I love the idea of some sort of pop up screen shade, Im also partial to a solution of something like the Vufine, like the corner of the uconsole could be a magnetic dock for it. this works out particularly well since the Uconsole native resolution is 720p just like the Vufine. kinda a winning combo potentially


And he delivered :slight_smile: I like it!