2019 orders shipping date


My tracking is saying the same as yours, EN ROUTE TO DHL ECOMMERCE. It’s been like that since 2/25 with an origin of CITY OF INDUSTRY - 91746 - US. My expected delivery date was 3/4, but still nothing yet.

I’ve had stuff delivered through DHL before, and they are just awful. They never update any of their tracking information.


What is your order number if you don’t mind me asking?
My order number is 11425 and still nothing. On an update.


11475 and 11480, international express shipping on both through fedex


#11450 Still no update too. Using DHL, not Fedex


Now I’m annoyed, I did international through FedEx but for some reason they’re shipping it DHL. Welp time to email @yong again.


Well which country are you having it shipped to?


I’m having it shipped to U.S.A


Yeah same here, my expected date was the 2nd haha
Guess it’s just a waiting game at this point


Just got " Shipment picked up" notification, DHL shipping to Germany.

Estimated Delivery Date: March, 11 2019 - By End of Day


Received an update today. DHL. My Order is #11510.


Updated here too, order #11590:


its great to hear that they’re starting to ship out now. Hopefully they are catching up on any backlog they’re experiencing and this will become a moot issue soon enough. If poster could be so kind as to let us all know when they receive their units as well, thank you everyone. Mine’s traveling and has left Hong Kong expected here by the 12th. Order #11493


I have sadly yet to get a verified shipment to the u.s. order number 11425


as posted above several people did not receive anything until they emailed the help@cloc… address not sure if that’s an actual direct correlation but it never hurts to try. keep us posted.


I’ve been hounding them darn near daily. They ignore my emails now.


thats really unfortunate. I would hope there is some reasoning behind it. but I don’t know their business practices or what has transpired. I do hope you get things figured and sorted with them, but I would recommend maybe trying to email @Yong directly. if that doesnt help maybe ask for a refund and either re-order or cut your loss. I don’t know the score and I always assume the 3 sides of a story so I won’t take a stand on either. Good luck though


Hi :wave: new community member and Order # 11429 here. Just thought i’d share my shipping experience in case it gives hope to others :grinning: So, I ordered on Jan 31 and received a tracking number on March 1. Yesterday (March 6) I got an SMS from DHL here in Germany asking questions to release the package from customs (EU VAT tax payment reasons) and now the tracking info has updated reflecting that the package had cleared customs, left China and is set to arrive here on March 11. Fingers crossed! Looking forward to get hacking :partying_face:


I ordered through DHL, the last update I was given was on February 25th, hoping they will update shipping information soon! Excited to finally get my hands on one.


Same here haha , Order #11617


So, I emailed the help@… address to ask for a refund as there was no sign of anything getting sent. I understand the CNY holiday will have caused disruptions, but even accounting for this the “shipped in 10 days” claim was not fulfilled. I received a reply saying that the package had been in their shipping “companies warehouse for a week” and this is why there was no movement. And that they would not give a refund.

Miraculously, a few hours after I received that reply, FedEx emailed me to update the shipping status and delivery schedule. A few days later and my Gameshell is currently in France, and will hopefully be in the UK early next week.

While I’m glad I’m finally getting my Gameshell, I’m still appalled at the customer service from this company, and would still consider contesting the shipping costs due to the timeframe promised not being delivered. Regularly updating customers with any issues regarding delivery would have avoided the whole mess and confusion that has occurred, and made for happier customers too!