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My wife ordered me a system to keep me busy whilst I recover from ankle surgery.
I mostly intend to use rhe gameshell to play GBA and N64 titles. What should I know as far as software tweaking goes and what steps should I take after building the system?

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I think you may have double posted the same content, just with a different name. I guess I’ll reply here, since I’m replying as a user to a user; and not a vendor to a customer.

N64 titles will take a fair bit of fiddling to get working.
Have a look at this post.

You might need to familiarise yourself with how to use a command line in order for that to work.

GBA is fairly easy to get working. I even believe that you won’t need go download a bios; even for the emulator called gpsp, as one is included with FHD automatically downloaded link.

For both consoles, you will need to source your own rom files, and then put them in the appropriate directories.

For Gba it can be slightly confusing, as the rom directory in ~/games/MGBA is for GBC and GB by default. MGBA actually can play GBA Roms quite well, but by default is used as the non GBA emulator. It also uses Retroarch, which is a front end for playing a bunch of different game consoles. It also provides some extra features and settings.

The other GBA emulator is called Gpsp and is a standalone emulator that doesn’t need Retroarch. You will miss out on some features of the mgba emulator.

Both GBA emulators should work once you try loading a rom, assuming you are connected to the internet. A file will automatically be downloaded, and decompressed for provide the necessary emulator. The N64 emulator is not able to be installed this way sadly. See above.

As for which is faster out of the GBA Emulators/which runs better; your mileage may vary. Just try them both, and see how you go. See this post for another user’s results:

Within that same post, I have also put together a custom image file. It has mupen64 pre installed, and a whole bunch of other optimisations. The rom directory is slightly different, using system names instead of emulator names; since I believe this makes more sense. It’s a very “Bells and whistles” version.

If you’re more of a “DIY” kinda person, who doesn’t need something flashy, and prefers speed and efficiency, seriously have a look at this custom image!

Hopefully this all made sense! In a nutshell GBA will be easy to get working. N64 is a bit hit and miss. The gameshell is a very hands on kinda console, so if that’s not what you want, then consider downloading one of the pre made community maintained images.

And don’t forget to use the search function! Some things are out of date though. Just ask, and someone will no doubt be able to help you, or verify whether or not what you’re searching for is still valid.

Thank you very much! This helps a lot.

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