Anyone had much success with TurboGrafx-CD games?

I’ve been trying to get TurboGrafx-CD run through RetroArch. Im able to get non CD games to play but when trying to play the patched Rondo of Blood I cant get it to work. Even the unpatched version wont play. I cant find where I would put the BIOS if thats the problem.

Anyone got TurboGrafx-CD games to run?

Short answer? Yes.

I’m still new to the way this stuff works but I did get pretty much everything running including TG-CD.
I created my action.config file with

ROM=/home/cpi/games/PCE CD
LAUNCHER=retroarch -L

Make sure you change the paths to match your setup.
All my game images are .cue with .img but since it launches from .cue files it can probably be other image formats such as .iso, .img, etc but you only want to have the .cue file show up or your menu will get messy.

My BIOS files are kind of all over the place because I wasn’t sure where it was needed. I actually just threw them anywhere that looked remotely right so I have them in 3 locations. I’m not sure which location is the one that is actually used but my guess is it is the first one.
In my specific setup that is:

~/home/cpi/games/PCE CD/

They are named SYSCARD1.PCE, syscard2.pce, syscard3.pce

I specifically tested with an unpatched version of Rondo and it seemed to work fine.

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My ROMs show up as zip files, what would I have to do to make them compatible?

I’ve used imgBurn in the past and it worked fine for me creating images for various files but you’ll want to create the image from the contents of the zip not just throw a zip file into a img. You may get lucky and the contents of the zip are the image files you need and you just needed to unzip. If you’re uncomfortable creating/converting it may be easier to seek out a new image source.

Thank you for your reply :pray:

Well when I unzip it shows up as .pce

I’ve never seen pce image files… but I have seen pce TurboGrafx 16 games… my guess is you just have a regular rom not a CD image so none of this applies to you

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