Bulk order to share shipping costs to Germany and Switzerland

I want the new board with hdmi and more ram.

Sharing shipping costs makes sense in a bulk order even though cpi is charging helloads for shippijg a bunch of small, lightweight boards.
Nonetheless it makes a mere 16,84€ shipping per board if three boards are ordered at once. And for five boards it is 12,50 € per Board. If I look at shipping within Germany, we talk about +3,99€ per Person, so three people would get a board for 21,83 € shipping and five people for 16,49 € shipping. Still a respectable discount compared to 38,50 € each

Shipping to Russia is more than 40% from the total product price! $139 + shipping = $199 OMG!!!

true. I don’t know what they are doing but the form is either broken or it is plain cheating on cusomers

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I received the same message from yong via e-mail. So I hope they are changing something quickly now, as the board is marked as out of stock right now

The board seems to be availble again, but for $49 with free shipping… Looks also expensive for me…

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