CTR - Crash Team Racing

can someone run this game? After this screenHvp90ycPT9KTLRcw5dO0sg cant run it.how can i run it??

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I did run it. Maybe something is wrong with your image

where did you get that img?

Rip your original disc.


CTR is copy protected, you need to patch your img. Just like medievil


I used the .pbp format and it works perfectly for me

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Have you try this :

Transfer scph1001.bin bios file to this folder : /apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Pcsx/bios

Hi thank you for the reply but can you tell me how to patch the .bin file?

Hey same problem here, did you fix it?

Wow man, it’s a pain in the ass :smile:
Maybe you could find an already patched ISO thanks to google.
Anyway, the patch can be found on gamecopyworld, but the problem is you can only run it on a 16bit OS.
Also you can use Dosbox like I did.

Thanks man I found the reason its the [BIOS/PLUGINS] setting. I downloaded a “scph1001.bin filie” to the /apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/Pcsx/bios, and set it instead HLE(in the [BIOS/PLUGINS] option of Pcsx). Like @Didier_Touron posted!
Anyway thank you guys! It runs perfect!:joy:

I have the same problem… How do you change the bios/plugin option? I have HLE but I don’t know how to change it @Yan

Update to 0.4 then everything will be fine

Update the pscx emulator? How can I update it? an how can I se my current version?

No I mean update your system to v0.4