Can't wait !?! My American friends I'll be there, happy ? 😊

I’ve just booked a fly to NY, I’ll be there from dec 29 to Jan 5. I really, really hope being able to toy with the uConsole during the 22h looooong fly from paris🙏

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I hope you have a good visit! Will you just be staying in NY or will you be going other places as well?

I’ll onmy be staying in New-York.
Next spring I think I’d visit LA(CA) but nothing for sure.

California in the spring is one of my favorite places to visit. If you do get to visit LA, i suggest making a trip to some of the orange orchards while they are in bloom. There is nothing better than eating home made orange marmalade on toast while sitting in the shade surrounded by orange blossoms.

Thanks for the advice mate.
You can, must actually, visit us in france, start with Paris cuze … it’s like NY, you gotta go to paris first then go strait to “le lac du lauzet” near the alps, you’ll thanks me later.

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I once stayed for a week in Albertville, not too far from that area. Stupidly beautiful area of the world.

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I mean, I don’t even want to visit NYC. :rofl:


Paris, Cannes, Ajaccio ?

Me I’d like so see, Chicago, batton rouge, miami, LA, San Francisco, Washington, buddapest, moscow, saint petergsbourg, istanbul, Bangkok, phuket, tokyo, Hongkong, cairo, Marrakech…that’s about ot