Cellular Modem Service

I’ve been looking to purchase a sim card for use with the uconsole. When looking at Verizon/ATT/etc they want the IMEI number. When I enter it, it says its invalid. Am I using the wrong number? I queried it using the AT commands.

It’s also available on the inside of the uConsole, on the SIM7600G-H chip, if that helps. Could you send a screenshot of the error message? (blank out any identifying information, of course)

This screenshot is from ATT, but I received a similar error from Verizon.


I got the same for mine. To my knowledge, SIMs shouldn’t be locked to a specific IMEI, so if you have another phone (ideally one not already on the network, so, say, an old one), you should be able to put that IMEI in and use that SIM once you get it.