Charging LED not working

Howdy folks!
I was curious if the DevTerm has some kind of charging indication when the unit is powered down and connected to the USB-C-cable.

There are two LEDs mounted on the DevTerm‘s mainboard located near the power switch. One is obviously the power-LED. When referencing the mainboards layout in GitHub I can clearly identify the second LED connected to the „charging LED“-Pin 52 of the powersuply/BMS.

Can anyone confirm that the LED should light up whilst charging? Or is this feature not implemented yet?

Greetings Nico

The LED does light up while charging… but only if the DevTerm’s switched on. If it’s switched off, it’ll still charge - but the LED won’t light.

Its hard to get it to work here as it will need to have support in uboot where if power is detected then it will boot into charging mode, until user presses power button up boot it into normal mode.

Someone from the pine64 community was working on this for pinephone and pinephonepro.