Cheats for PCSX (standalone)

So I managed to get cheats working on PCSX (the standalone app), however they don’t automatically load when booting up the app. Is there a way to change this?

Also, when trying to load them, is there a way to designate the cheat folder location (so I don’t have to search through the file structure to where I put the file?) as the “Load PCSX Cheats” option takes you straight to /media/??

For those that want to know how to make a cheat file:

  • Create a notepad file, name it whatever you want (name of the game the cheats are for seems easiest) and change the extension to .cht (I think .txt works too)
  • For the codes to read they must be in this format

[Cheat name - switched off on load]
88888888 0000
[*Cheat name - switched ON on load]
88888888 0001

The code name must be within the square brackets, and an asterisk at the start will indicate the code being active when the cheat file is loaded.
The cheat system uses gameshark codes, and MUST HAVE the first 8 digits, followed by a [space] and the remaining 4 digits

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