Communty->Disk Collection sucks

Most device manufacturers put downloads related to a product on the product or support page. My kickstarter GameShell is collecting dust because I can’t figure out how to update the firmware. It was like the lowest possible priority so I moved on after not immediately finding updated firmware. I never thought to look under Community until after I had been on this website for months.

Then when I do find it, it barely works on firefox, it doesn’t work at all on mobile.

It’s a cute throwback. I’m sure someone worked very hard on it. It works great on Chrome on desktop. But it’s TOO diegetic.

A simple list of ISOs, old versions, and any pertinent instructions or notes is just more fundamentally usable. There is a reason that metaverse is never going to work. Taking dietetic design too far is just counter productive.


100%, that page looks cool, but it’s very difficult to use/navigate. A simple list will be way better than that.

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A trick could be

So you can get the list from the page source

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sure. but that doesn’t help me on mobile. And by the time I go through that much effort, I might as well have launched Chrome.

Seriously? You expect people to “view source” to use a web page?!?!

I have to agree with @Green_Fox its cute but not very functional. I spend as little time as possible there, even though those floppy images give me warm fuzzies in spades. The bottom line is:

  1. it is cute
  2. it fails KISS big time
  3. its far more time consuming to find an image
  4. there are too many disks to spread them out to see.
  5. most people expect to find downloads under “downloads” not “community”. It took me months to get used to that.
  6. Simple list, grouped by device kind with floppy thumbnails would be WAAAAaaay easier to use.

@Green_Fox I do find that the floppy page does work (of sorts) in the couple versions of FireFox I use… its just really awkward. Click+drag and let go to start the drag process. Then the floppy stays stuck to the mouse. Move it and click again to drop. Mobile browsers not working goes without saying. I’m not sure how downloading a “disk image” (for uSD) on a typical mobile device is really going to help you anyways. :wink:

Technically its not an “ISO”. If you were to burn it to a CD/DVD/BD, like you would an ISO it would produce an unusable disc, since its not an ISO9660 formatted file, which is where the erroneous designation “ISO” comes from. This is a “hard disk” image complete with an old fashioned BIOS style partition table (aka MBR). In Linux and other UNIXes you can even “fdisk” it, which I find amusing.

Bigger issue in my opinion: it has no TLS. Every website should be loaded through HTTPS in 2023.


I wouldn’t call " just use these clunky ass work arounds" as working.

Sometimes internet goes out or spotty and I would like to download a thing from my phone. I then transfer it to something that can image an SD card. But being able to get the file from a reliable download source is valuable for me. There are also apps that will image an SD card from a phone, and while it’s extremely uncommon in North America and Europe, it’s pretty common to not have a desktop in a lot of the world.

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I agree it doesn’t work. A plain list/table would be soooo much nicer. :slightly_frowning_face:

Wow! That wouldn’t work for me. I need my data to flow. Data is the life-blood of computing. Hence my interest in the DevTerm. :smiley: Although the R01 might not have been the right choice. Still hopefully CPI will eventually get a working kernel… Or I’ll get tired of waiting and just buy an ARM module.

I have had to do this before, that was how i got my GameShell working while i was at work one day! Used a USB dock with microSD and Termux to run the DD command and write the image to the SD