Defective Logic Board

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I purchased the new logic board with the HDMI & expanded memory. I have been using it for a little while. I ran into a problem shortly after installing it into my GameShell, where the battery indicated fully charged, but would shut down the GameShell if the USB was disconnected. I assumed the problem was with the battery and since I had purchased two additional batteries previously, I swapped out the battery and it seemed to resolve the problem. Most of the work I do on the GameShell is with the USB connected so I can access it through ETH-USB, so I didn’t see the problem again until last week. The new battery was giving me the same symptoms. It showed fully charged, but if I disconnect the USB, it immediately shut down! I then decided to test it by swapping back in the old logic board. IT booted fine and showed about 3/4 charged but remains running whether USB is connected or not. The problem has to be with the new logic board.

Could be defective power management unit? as its the chip that tells the OS the state of the battery