The issue of not charging and shutting down after 3 ~ 5 minutes

I got my GS 3 days ago, but I cannot charge it after the battery is low.
I saw the battery icon is charging when I plugged in the cable but GS shut down automatically 3 ~ 5 mins later.
And I tried to plug in the charging cable without battery, still got the same issue,
BTW the mainboard was very hot.
Does anyone have the same issue as mine? Could anyone help me to fix this problem?
I will appreciate it.

this is customer service, right? why no one reply me?
even i sent an email for help, no response.
so “nice”!!!

You sent it to ?

I will ping @yong

Thank you for your reply.
I am not buy GS from directly.
So I contacted to local seller, he already switched a new mainboard for me.
He has the original order number to switch from you.
Anyway, thanks to let me know the issue was the mainboard.