DevTerm Production Status Update

hey’re the only people actually seeking out and informing people of information that gets doled out in PMs or sporadic forum posts

No, they aren’t. If I pre-order a product, I shouldn’t have to hunt down forum posts or scour twitter for images to learn why the will-ship-by date is long past without so much as an email. Yes, making a product is complex, which is why we usually pay others for the product instead. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect some kind of communication from a seller that a product won’t ship on time, and as far as I can tell I’ve never got a single email from them about the change in plans.


Yeah, I signed up for the mailing list more than a month ago and I haven’t received any communication at all from that. Not even an email confirming my subscription, apparently. Sending information about delays or revised estimates to mailing list subscribers seems like kind of a no-brainer, I would think?

It’s not that much of an imposition to just watch this forum, and get the information that way. But getting emails would be nice, too.


i agree, and i’m saying that at the point where people feel they have to put in that kind of effort to keep other people up to date about someone elses product, you’re probably dealing with some really dedicated fans and should be as clear-cut with those people as possible.

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Yes, we pre-order this product, because we choose to trust the company, the developers.

We pay for the product, the money also support the development in some extent. Just like the Kickstarter, but with whole trust, without supervision.

The pre-order is a contract, we should know some information at least.

The reason we are a little anxious, maybe is not the product is late, but is there’s no any information.

For a long term view, the developers should earn more trust from customers, not lose more trust.


Hi gang,

Talking about end-of-July-deadlines, there’s another one I’m watching very closely, and that’s for a movie. Trailer here: Kinotrailer "Alles ist Eins. Ausser der 0." - Kinostart 29. Juli 2021 - YouTube

Why is it related to this thread, besides the date? Well, check the still from the trailer :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, I’m Alex, a member of Clockwork Tech. Some of you guys may have had talks with me as I’ve been doing most of the emails.
I’m here to share some details about the DevTerm.
As @yong has mentioned, the DevTerm is very close to be shipped. The first batch will be the CM3, then A06, then A04. The reason that we have to ship in batches is that as some of you guys have noticed, the CM3 is a pre-manufactured core from RaspberryPi, which we’ve ordered for a while. The A06 and A04 are customized cores, they are currently on the producing line. According to the manufacturer’s schedule, the A06 will be ready soon, so it will be shipped just a few days after the CM3, a couple of weeks tops. The A04 will take a little more time.
The biggest problem we had was the producing of PCB of the mainborad and the core. Briefly, our designs of the PCB have many more layers than usual, so it was surprisingly complex for our manufacturer. But we’ve solved the problem.
Also, although the COVID in Canton has been under control, the effect still exists. Our manufacturers had to hold some producing schedule to cooperate with the government, and that has caused some sort of jam when the new orders came like ours.
But there’s good news.
For starter, chip shortage will no longer be one of our main concerns in the short future. We’ve secured our needs, thanks to our dedicated suppliers.
And, there’s no serious technical difficulties any more. During the time of waiting, our R&D guys has been working on optimizing the OS, trying to support the latest Linux mainline kernel.
Those are what I have in hands now. If you want to know anything else, please feel free to email to
I think, just like all of my colleagues think, as a community, there should not be any hidden information, at least when it’s about everyone’s intrest. So, I’ll come back to you guys every time that I have new details to share.
You guys have been awesome. Sincerely.


So how much time for A04 ones?


Thank you for the detailed post. I honestly think, that is what most of the community wants. Much more frequent updates regarding that status. I look forward to the finished product. Product delays are understandable and making a custom board is hard.

I look forward to my CPi


Hey @yong could you make sure that every member of CPi who have an account on the forum to have a role that clearly mark them as being member of the team?

I’m not saying Alex is not one of them, but it is fairly easy to pretend and no way for me and other forum members to check if someone is really one of the CPi team. It is especially important if that person want to talk for CPi like Alex just did.


That’s thoughtful. I’ll see what we can do. Meanwhile, I really am a member😂


Maybe one week or a little more after A06. We’ve been asking for a solid date, but the manufacturer hasn’t give us any. I’ll keep an eye on this. Actually, making sure of the solid date is our first priority for now.


Excellent news, @AlexDuan ! and to THINK that if this news were to come few days earlier, you might’ve able to save someone’s sanity and tantrums, lol!

Amazing to hear that everything goes well for you and your team, with 99% issues sorted out. What’s even MORE amazing is that A06 is shipped out first, and I happened to buy A04 for my compute module. Funny that during my pre-order purchase I went with A04 simply because of price + shipping delays (already expected it to ship in batches) but man, to expect both CM3 and A06 to ship close to each other really brings hope to many of us here!

You claimed on us being awesome all this time, then allow me to extend the same to you and your team! Keep it steady, and when possible, more good news around! This news is pure gold for many of us, truly!


You have no idea how grateful we are. And if it means something, I personally feel blessed for having the opportunity to be a member of this lovely community. We are a very small crew as you may know. We had to focus on solving technical issues. But we’ve realised that sharing information is as important as other works, thanks to you guys. I mean it. As a growing team, we’ve made mistakes. You guys have been here reminding us that our goal is to deliver the joy. So, no more weird silence. I personally guarantee this.


thanks so much! we’re excited.


i’d like to thank you and the team personally for putting this project together, and your post has given me a lot of context and understanding as to the process/plan for the near future. i couldn’t ask for much more than that, so thank you for clarifying these facets of production up for us all. we seriously appreciate it.


Thank you very much for the update. I look forward to whatever comes next.


You guys are the best.We’ll do our best to honor your trust.


We are this close to the victory. Isn’t it exciting? It’s all because of you guys. Your support, your warmth and your patience have carried us to this very point. We definitely will achieve more in the future.


Thank you for the update Alex! I’ve received a very expeditious email response from you before, and I appreciated your and Clockwork’s effort given the uncertainty presented by the new wave of the pandemic. I’m more than excited about the initial shipment and reviews that are coming soon.


You haven’t been following what make. Im a wearables guy. Obviously…
I don’t have to wait for a rk3399 when I have a rockpi. Thermal printer? Have one. Display? Lcd and head mount. Input? Chording device… if you have seen everything I’ve acquired then surely you know how it all is easily repurposed.

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