DevTerm Production Status Update

That’s a lot of batteries!


Is there a recommended battery?

Any Φ18±0.5mm diameter, 65-69mm length will do. Please choose from qualified brands.


This a good thread to familiarize yourself on the 18650 battery features you will want to consider. Plus some suggestions on chargers.

These are the pictures I promised. The first two are A06 (with RK3399), the last two are A04 (with H6).
Our R&D guy took the last two pictures, so… don’t judge the (not) beauty :joy:


They are beautiful! And most people complained that the beautiful ones were too beautiful to be real :smiley:


It’s not nice to put other people down for having expectations set by the company. It’s also not reasonable to gaslight people into saying that they’re being spoiled or acting out of place for being dismayed at delays, especially with the lack of communication. This attitude and approach is making the whole situation a hundred times more unpleasant for everyone than it already is.

All that said, I would really appreciate more communication from Clockwork Tech in general. I came back to this thread after finding the bootloader code is still MIA on the GitHub, and that is after over two years since it shipped with the release of the GameShell.

People have been reverse engineering what was made in the official ClockworkOS to get their own things running. It’s pretty silly. If Clockwork Tech cares about open source, then they should open source the things that they have made to work on all this stuff. I don’t follow why it’s still nowhere to be found.

The transparency is important because to me, things like the DevTerm have a lot of potential for reuse and work beyond the initial developments of Clockwork Tech themselves. It can grow to be something much larger than Clockwork intended or could handle alone. That’s why I started collating documentation on the new wiki.


Thanks for the new photos of the A-series!
RK3399 SoC is really big!

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Hahaha… I’ll tell that dude who took those “unreal”pictures😝


We’ll pay more attention on the completion of documents. It will be one of our most cared fields.


I think what @uuid touched upon was reasonable. People should be reined in for their expectations towards the product a bit more, not just jump to conclusions and expecting the worst when the updates and news have yet to come.

It’s evidenced by several posted replies within this thread up above, I’m sure you’re noticed about it like the rest of us.

Out of all 3 Compute Modules we have, one is using RockPi, and the other one Allwinner. Then we have everyone’s ‘champion’, the CM3 Pi. This should already tell you which one’s more leaning towards openness than the other.

Which we come to your thoughts about the code, and well… This isn’t the first in Linux front, isn’t it? Asking for Open-ness in everything truly is an uphill battle; one that will not end anytime soon. I for one am not against you regarding the efforts that can be done for the community, is just that (again, I may sound like a broken record)… wait is the key here.

If it’s one thing that I learned ever since I was young, documentation is the key, one that people would like to focus but also the one people have to wait patiently upon. But hey, if only computers were as simple as a VIC-20…

but @AlexDuan already posted about going into detail for the documentation for the devterm for better user experience, so let us take it as it is and trust that he and his team will deliver.

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Thank you for the new photo.
After all, with a little bit of information from the developers, you won’t be frustrated if your shipment is delayed.

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looks like we’re on !


Totally agreed. We’ll keep sharing information. Thanks for your support.


Hey guys, there’s something that I’d like to share with you.
Firstly, we’ve closed the pre-order event. If you go to our online shop now, you’ll see that all DevTerm options showing “out of stock”.
That’s because we are sealing the pre-order box. So, if you are not on board yet, please wait for a while for regular order to start.
And if you are on board, guess what’s going on? :grinning:
YEAH! This guts-burning long waiting is coming to an end!
Now, please understand that there’s still works to do to make sure that every one gets one’s piece. We’ll work double time to make things go faster.
Secondary, a community member sent me an email asking for chip specs, I think it was you, @alex , right?
Thank you for your support and contribution to the wiki. We’ll provide the information as much as possible. An Alex to another, we are dolls :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Sadly, due to restrictions from ARM, we can not share all the details to public, as well as the NDA limits forbit us to share all the tech info of our reverse engineering on Linux mainline.
It’s a bummer. As a big fan and supporter of open-source, we know that’s not good enough.
But it’ll change. Please follow us on our upcoming RISC-V project. We the community, can make a difference.
Also, we’ll keep on working on the documents after the pre-orders are shipped.
Here’s some chip info of A06 and A04
A06 - RK3399
Dual-core Cortex-A72
Quad-core Cortex-A53
Mali-T860 GPU

A04 - Allwinner H6
Quad-core Cortex-A53
Mali T720 GPU

Have a happy weekend guys. And cherish the time you still have, spend some time with your family and friends. You’ll be holding your DevTerm like Gollum holding his ring in no time. :crazy_face:


Thank you for the detailed response. I have tried in past to get information about Qualcomm cellular modems and MediaTek. The NDA restrictions are restrictive, like very. And they only respond to you if you are company and it is in their business interests to do so.

I am eagerly looking forward to a drop in RISC-V replacement board for the ClockworkPi.


!!!!!! This is the good news. :grin: :grin: :grin:
Can’t wait to receive my A06 edition DT.


That makes both of us. WE WANT FREEDOM!!


I said we are working double time, not joking :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Thank you for your hard work!