DevTerm Production Status Update

he sure did share a lot… i feel well informed about his experience now…
twitter sure does let you say a lot…
note my poor attempt at sarcasm.

also just heard back:
“Shipping will be started in a few days. Also it’ll be batched due to massive amount of orders. But even though, we’ll make sure that there won’t be a huge gap between the first and last batches. A few weeks tops.”

i’ll be waiting till august, like i said…
looks like my 2 weeks and shipping in zones was right…


Whole buttload of photos just dropped on their Instagram, so cool!


Well, I ordered on November 28th. Sure would be nice to get it this month, but if shipping is delayed to August, that’s ok too. As long as the product is of high quality, I can be patient.


That’s right. Shipment will be in batches, the first batch will be the RPI-CM3 model, expected to be shipped out by the end of July.


Hope the A04 model could be soon

Congrats to fellows sided with raspberry pi !!


Not to be elitist, but it would be nice if the more expensive models shipped first. Of course, I want mine! :slight_smile:

Could A06 series version be delivered in July?

I won’t be getting my ao6 till the end of august…just great. Such much for July shipping… LIES!
I’m considering refunding at this point… that 300 could be used elsewhere. They are probably still flashing sd cards.

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This could mean A04/A06 models are still yearning for chips.

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I’ve been waiting since my birthday… if cwos is gonna offer 64 bit chips but only a 32bit os and ship those later… then im downgrading to the cm3

screw the a0 series then, i switched to the cm3. gimme N0W

you know what? screw it. if the only way to downgrade is to get a full refund and reorder then ima keep my 320 and say screw the dt. thanx anyway. cant even do a proper downgrade. I asked for a downgrade and instead got a full refund… spits
so much for transparency.
and i still got shorted 80$ on my “full” refund…

I ordered the A6 as well… sigh


Let’s level the expecations here.

  • This is a luxury item. You don’t need it, if you really need a computer you can buy any cheap laptop now
  • There’s a pandemic. Millions of people are dead and trillions of economic damages. The whole world is hurting
  • Making things is very hard. If you think you’re entitled that someone gives you something nice, try making it yourself.

It’s going to be nice to have the devterm, but waiting for another month is definitely something that you should complain about. Get a grip.


Hear hear. I haven’t been waiting as long as you all have – I finally pulled the trigger on an A06 a couple of days ago – but I still preordered it, largely because of this forum right here.

The last handheld Linux box I preordered was a Pandora, waaaaay back in 2008. After five years of waiting, the company finally went bust and I never got the console, or my money back.

I know that’s not going to be the case here. Pandora failed because that outfit didn’t know what it was doing. That’s certainly not true of Clockwork, as they’ve already shown with the GameShell.

You could say I’ve been waiting thirteen years for a cute little battery-powered Linux box – I can wait another month, no problem.


Pandora was an true idea of handlet linux device from little company or community at wrong time. And with little team money etc.
Currently create device is hard, but not like in 2008. But, see at GPD for example, little company recreate handheld device market.
Currently many big company have issues it logistic and components for their device. Keep calm, i belive we will receive our DevTerm at near future

The entrance of this BBS is called “Community”, so we think there should be some kind of communication. Why could not the creators share some info with us? The community is just for customers?
I can wait, but I’d like to have some expectation.
The deadline could be delayed again and again, but I want some reason or something looks like a reason.
If creators are too busy to talk to customers, they should not start a “pro-order”, they should sell it after the development is finished completely.
They said it will be shipped in 30 days in June 10th, but after 37 days, they said the first batch will be delivered at the end of this month, and the last batch will be a few weeks later. More than 1 or 2 month delayed.
I would like to wait, but the creators maybe could improve their communication too. And maybe please do not ask customers to SHUT UP and be quit and wait silently.


Nobody is asking people to shut up and wait silently. Everyone wants the device they pre-ordered. There are a handful of people in this thread that have been toeing the line between voicing their disappointment or providing constructive feedback and being rude/disrespectful to other forum members/cpi themselves – this sentiment included.

Mischaracterizing members of the community that are trying to keep this thread away from those impulses as telling you that you should “shut up” is not constructive or helpful.

Everyone asking for communication about delays just got an update in the last 24 hours. We’ve heard and seen more in the last 6 weeks than we did in the 12 before that. We’re being communicated with. It may not be as much as you would prefer, but the communication is there.

The world is delayed, and has been for 18 months now. It can be validating to know that others are also frustrated and anxiously awaiting their product, but to snap back at members advocating for patience and trying to keep hype going for people who want to stick around and hold on to their pre-orders is going too far.