DevTerm R-01 booting streaking screen


I just received R-01, assembled and booted, then screen seems to be behaving odd. Any idea?

I have checked connection of ribbons few times and reseated few times, but no improvement. Is this a hardware issue, or corrupt SD card issue?


I assume you took the plastic screen saver off? I was weirded out at first until I realised it had a blue line on the plastic. (dumb question I know)

Hi Vendettas,

Yes, I have removed protective plastic film.

This is the booting sequence video.

Terribly odd, I think.

I have flashed the freshly downloaded image on a SDcard and the result was the same. I am afraid it is likely due to some failing hardware parts.

Woah thats bad. I almost had an issue popping the screen into the platic clips and the foil on the screen bent out. Just bent it back into place and all is well. My only guess is a misaligned ribbon cable but I believe you that its not that. Hope they can resolve this.

It seems that I am getting a replacement LCD panel, soon. ClockWork staff contacted me.

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How easily where you ablle to update your R-01? apt is having issues for me.

My screen is not even working in workable order at the moment, I have not gotten that far. I have to get all the hardware in sound functioning order, first.

I will let you know, once the screen is fixed and WiFi and things are configured and working, maybe on a different topic title.

Long awaited at last, the replacement LCD panel has arrived and my DevTerm R01 is in working order!