Free worldwide shipping on the Clockwork Pi upgrade for your Gameshell!


The Board goes very fast through customs…no extra payment was necessary…5 minutes ago it arrived here at my office :slight_smile: So it took 2 - 2,5 weeks…

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In which country are you? (mine is still flying between china and UK for nearly a week now)

Oh sorry I’m stupid, you said it in your message just before xD


Mine I have never received anything about shipment just an order confirmation email on November 29, the date that I ordered it. Since then silence…


And here is the new OS Image:


Also recieved my new clockworkpi, maybe a stupid question but where is the included cable used for? I cant seem to find any instructions for it.


That’s the “debug” cable, it connect to the bottom connector:

If you only plan to use it in the gameshell, you basically have no use of it.


Hi, there. Is there any shipment to Mainland China? I would like to order this game kit in no time! So exciting!
Can I pay via Alipay or Wechat payment?



Sorry for the late reply, @huangwei4478, we do ship to Mainland China, Alipay payment is supported on our website (


can you please, please, please make a bundle for the new mainboard with the lightkey module for those of us who did not get that the first time around? That would be HUGE.