Screen ribbon cable does not align with case

Our Ganeshell screen ribbon cable does not align with the case meaning that we can’t assemble it. Looking at videos of other assemblies is definitely looks different. Any clues as to what we should be doing?15358074297783458979981132443746

At the risk of sounding patronising, are you sure that’s the right casing (it says “screen” on the rear/opaque part) and that you’ve got the orientation right?

EDIT: I just remembered, I think I had to bend the cable back on itself, rather than leaving it the way it naturally fell. That might be worth a try.

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Firstly, not patronising! But yes, did check all the names of the cases.

As you’ve said, I’ve had to fold the cable back on itself which does not feel right, but it works so I’ll go with that.

Yeah it’s supposed to fold back

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I found this too. It’s to fold back as per instructions. The part I freaked out about is fitting the front casing of the GS as I feel it gets squared. I took it back of and if doesn’t get damaged so ah well.