GBA Games too sluggish


I did the retroarch install posted here, and I can not play GBA games at full speed, any of them, they appear to run about 50 to 55 FPS, it’s that normal?

Also the buttons seems to stick a lot when I press them, is there a solution for that?

Thanks in advance

What version are you running? Mine was sluggish on 1.22 but worked find on 1.21. If you check for updates it now shows 1.21 as the latest update as they seemed to pull 1.22.

If you check for updates see if it prompts you to download 1.21

Thank you for your response

Indeed, it is on 1.22, is there a way to downgrade my system? I think maybe I have to wait another release better.

Look at this video that made

Also, none of you think the button are sticky?

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Just do a fresh Update. It will revert to 1.21… They’ve apparently retracted the 1.22 update.


Hi lasvegas,

I suppose you mean this file right?

I’ll post if this works, thanks!

No. I meant Settings->Update.

I see, yes, it’s a big improvement, still minor issues and lag thought, but is way better than before


May I ask you, which core you are using?! I tried some GBA games with several cores and had best results with mGBA (was the only one that had no sound problems with Mario Golf Advance).