Glitchy lines on screen

Hello! I’ve had my Gameshell for a few months now, and it’s been working great until suddenly this started happening.

The white part on the left updates with whatever is on the screen, but stays only a single colour, as if displaying a single row of pixels. When turning on, it goes black/white as the gameshell goes through the boot screens. The lines on the right don’t change at all once the screen turns on.
The input buttons all still work and I can go through the menus and get games to run (although I can’t see what I’m doing).

I’ve tried taking the case apart and looking inside, nothing is visibly broken. Perhaps it’s the ribbon cable between the board and display?

Thanks for any help!

I think the liquid crystals are broken, thats usually how it looks like when an LCD gets broken.

Lets ping @Veronica

Could be broken FPC, or like @Petrakis said, the LCD is down. Any phisical damage can you remember?

Thanks for having a look.

Not that I know of. I’ve not dropped it, and I’ve made sure there’s no extra pressure on components when closing & securing the inner and outer cases.

I can upload a closer look at the back of the screen and the connections between it and the main board, if that will help?

Yeah also the flex cable, its delicate.

@CasualDan check the flex cable if it has some visible damage

Also check to see if the flex cable is plugged all the way in. Looks like only a partial signal is going through. Cable could be on an angle, and not fully inserted.

That could help. A video footage can be better. Don’t worry, we’ll solve it.

Here’s some closeups

Board to Display connection:

I’ve tried disconnecting/reconnecting the flex cable, and making sure it’s as far in as it can go, as well as straight, making sure the little loop/clip snaps in place.

Back of the Display:

Not sure the best way to get a video up on here ¯\_(ツ)__/¯ but hopefully these images will help!
Thanks :]

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After looking closer, the lines on the screen aren’t ‘pure’ lines, each one is a bit grainy with different coloured pixels inside.

Not sure if that would help diagnose the issue?

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