Another new guy here

Hey guys, I’m fresh out of the box here.

Received my GS yesterday and have been trying to get it all set up. I am in no means a programmer, but I like to tweak things and see what can be done.

So, a few questions:

  • Is it possible to uninstall apps? I don’t like a cluttered screen (not that it’s cluttered at all) but there’s definitely some things on the system that I’ll never use and would prefer to remove.
  • Can I create folders to move apps that I don’t use/want (if they can’t be deleted)?
  • Is menu customisation (besides changing icons) and re-arranging possible?

Thanks for taking the time to read! Loving this beast so far!

Hey man, I’m a partial noob too, just got mine a month ago, honestly all your questions can be found by searching, but I will help to the best of my abilities

it’s linux in GS,so you can do anything you want

uninstall apps,move apps,destory apps
just ssh into GS,and it’s yours ,the root password is the cpi

and if you made any damage that can not be fixed, re-flash the os system to SD-card

Ok, so I’ve managed to relocate apps and stuff I don’t use to where I want it. Now to rearrange the main menu, do I just have to relabel the folders numerically to have them sitting in the order I want? ie. Change 10_Settings to 98_Settings so it sits further down the line?

Also, what’s the point of having 2 locations for apps? ie. ~cpi/apps/menu/ and ~/cpi/launcher/menu/Gameshell/

Yep! The menu gets sorted by that preceding number.

I didn’t understand why there were two separate locations either, so I just mashed everything together under ~/cpi/launcher/menu/GameShell/ and it has been working fine.

├── 20_Retro Games
│   ├── Colecovision
│   ├── MAME
│   ├── MGBA
│   ├── Neo Geo Pocket
│   ├── NES
├── 30_Indie Games
│   ├── 10_Cave
│   ├── 20_Love2D
│   └── 50_PICO-8
├── 50_Music Player
├── 70_Utils
│   ├── 10_Settings
│   ├── 20_Reload
│   ├──
│   └── 98_TinyCloud
└── 99_PowerOFF

Notice that you can also include directories and/or shell scripts – and omitting the numbers will cause it to just sort alphabetically.

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Oops. According to this post, it looks like I picked the obsolete location.

I’ll move my stuff over to ~/cpi/apps/Menu/ to be safe.

I’m starting to think the safest thing is to stop using the built in launcher entirely, and just set something up that we have control over and won’t get broken with every update. There’s a lot of moving parts in each OS release and launcher update so it makes the GameShell system fragile and easily broken. :frowning:

I haven’t actually done that yet with mine, but I’ve experimented with some other launchers that have been posted here. Mostly I just haven’t had the time yet to devote to building out a replacement launcher solution using one of the other options.

My GS hangs on the loading screen when I move all my apps to /apps/Menu/. I’ll just leave them in /launcher/Menu/ for now