How do I change the text in the upper left corner?

What file do I need to edit to change what it says in the upper left corner on the main screen, instead of “GameShell” ? I’ve looked in tons of different PY files but no changes i’ve made have had any effect. I’ve managed to change so many colors and icons, this is the last step in my customization desires!

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In theory the “Gameshell” string should be localizable, so should be changable.

In practice, I couldn’t make it work either.

The solution I came to was to hardcode it by editing the Draw() method in (exact place on github)

Add a check after title is defined, to see if it’s value is “Gameshell” or not, and set it to something else if it is – this way the title changing for other menus/views works still:

title = MyLangManager.Tr(title)
if title == "GameShell":
    title = "Something Else"
self._Title = title


Now this is a bit hacky, and I’m sure @guu could suggest a better way to work around this, but it works for me

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How I did it on my end :

  1. SSH to the GameShell
  2. Go to ~/launcher/
  3. Edit 00_English.ini

Add “Gameshell” below [Langs] like that:


Save and transfer back, then reload the UI :slight_smile:


Apologies for never responding to this.

Thank you both for your very prompt and polite replies. I tried the second method and it worked flawlessly. Much appreciated.

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