How do I update the os from the img file through linux?

So like a good number of you all I am recieving my unit this week and I want to make sure right out of the box I update the os. So I know its stored on the micro sd card but I was wondering if I have a linux laptop (x86 lubuntu) how do I update the OS using my computer?
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If you are not familiar with ‘dd’ I’d recommend looking at this nifty tool:

Okay…btw tho is unetbootin also a viable option?

Well, afaik unetbootin is for INSTALLING an OS on a machine with a bunch of all the different hardware components available on the market. Since we have a specific set of components / hardware in this product, there is no need for an install process - the image can be directly distributed to the SD card, however, its not “as easy as drag and drop”.

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So is there a guide to flashing the image using this app or is it very simplistic?

In case you use Etcher:

1 Download Etcher and ClockworkOS Image.
2. Start Etcher and select Image and destination.
3. Start the process in Etcher. It will tell you when it’s finished.

Be careful when choosing the destination. The selected device will be wiped completely in order for the process to start.

So, should one put the SD card into my PC SD slot and do this and then put the SD card in the GS or can one put the SD card in the GS, build it and then do it?

You do the whole process on your PC/Mac.

After the SD card got flashed you can insert it into the GS and start using it. This is not the way to upgrade an already running GS, but a clean setup/rebuild.

For upgrading, please check the upgrade guides in this forum.

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Thank you for answering :+1::blush:

Did it on my linux system and it worked great.