How to update the system?

Hi guys, I’m totally a rookie for coding. I just followed the guides to add some emulators to my GS. They are great tutorials and help me a lot. Now I see the OS v0.3, but I can’t find any tutorial on this forum. How can I upgrade my system? Thank you for help~

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I find some tutorials about update Raspberry Pi. Download BZ2 file-》Unzip the file-》Use Win32 DiskImager write the IMG into the TF card-》Reboot. Is it alright?

just flash the os v0.3 image to a sd tf card

but if you are not into HDMI
v0.21 is enough

Thank you~ I bought the new version GS last week. I can’ find out which version of the system. Some people say it’s still v0.1

Excus me,when i finish flashing the sd card and put it into the GS,the screen is blank… is there any problem?

Problem solved. I plug out the usb cable then problem solved.

Use to flash the image file to a micro SD card. It’s simpler and safer than win32diskimager.

Thank you. I have done this job. I find the GS can’t recognize the full storage of the TF card. I just work on it and this problem is solved with GParted. :slight_smile:

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For those who are still having trouble or don’t have access to a Linux machine, you can follow these instructions and do it directly on the clockworkpi. Worked for my 128gb.