How to go back in time ? "Factory" settings somewhere?

Hi there,

I’ve assemble my Clockwork Pi yesterday and I’m pretty sure I’ve already broke something in the retroarch settings. :smiley:

I was following the RetroArch Megathread from @fr500 and I’ve entered “sudo apt-get install git build-essential” in PuTTY, saying “Y” to something and yeah… I’ve closed the windows after some time without seeing that the install wasnt finished yet.

So my question is : is there a way to clean everything up on the clockwork pi and start from a clean base ? :slight_smile:

Oh btw I’m really new in this kind of things so if you have a very simple solution it would be perfect.

Thanks again everyone and have a good day !

Ps : I’m doing my best with writting in english so I’m sorry if my english is kind of… weird ?

You can reflash the SD card.

thank you for your answer @Joao_Manoel

Can you tell me how to do it or send me a link of a post on the forum saying how to do it ? :slight_smile:


You can download the image here:

Today, you have other customized options to try:

And a clean Debian with RetroArch:

And also an Arch version:

After downloading, you can use BalenaEtcher if you are using Windows:


Thank you so much I will try all this stuff and let you know :slight_smile: