How to install retroarch on a CM4

I have 2 thing I need help with
First, how to install retroarch on CM4
Next, how to play games with it

Plz help….:slight_smile: :smile:

This may work: Install retroarch on Raspberry Pi using the Snap Store | Snapcraft

Just note that if you install snap, you’ll most likely disable the printer. There was a whole thread on it, and the details are around here. Someone found a fix in that thread too.

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I guess it was just the easiest guide I found on the subject with a 5 min google search. But I find that installing this type of stuff is usually quite straightforward and therefore I don’t think such questions are really productive on a forum.
A user should do their best effort and if they get stuck somewhere, ask for specific help.

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You’ll have problems finding emulation cores, but this post can help.