How to reinstall the OS?

While dealing with my wifi problems, I updated the OS via sudo apt-get upgrade to see if it made a difference. That disabled all networking stuff completely :face_exhaling:

So I went for a complete reinstall of the OS with the Raspberry PI imager tool (Raspberry Pi OS released 2023-05-03)… and now it doesn’t even turn on. I left it on for 30 minutes and the screen was completely blank

Has somebody reinstalled the OS? Which are the steps?


Replying to myself: this thread links to the OS images needed and provides further instructions

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I had the same problem with an update breaking all networking - it turned out you just needed to change a setting in raspi-config and reboot to fix it


I ran into the same thing. Easy way out is like in the post that @PeterMount noted. It boils down to changes between OS releases that breaks some configurations. I went a wilder route of going through Debian’s WiFi setup guides and doing a lot of systemctl stop/stop/disable/enable until I settled on something that I liked. Lots of poking around in journalctl and dmesg to see what was happening. My way was probably a better learning exercise, but it did take about four hours.

And yes. Always start with clockworkpi’s OS images if you have trouble. It doesn’t hurt to have a second microSD card just to try out a vanilla image to poke around and figure out what is wrong with your fancier custom setup.