I ordered my uconsole December 30, 2022 and STILL HAVE NOTHING

Transaction ID 75385233635036149

I’ve been emailing with “Alex” but now nothing.


Ordered mine October 26th. We are almost all still waiting my dude. Bringing a new product to market is a complicated task and it is only more complicated with the current component shortage and having to juggle multiple manufacturers. The first batch has shipped but experienced some very minor issues. The 2nd batch should be shipping soon, but you will likely have quite some time to wait yet.

Be patient, the uConsoles are coming. ClockworkPi has done very well on their other successful projects, and delays like these should be expected.

You can find official shipping updates in the top post here: Update: uConsole shipping related

and shipping related shitposting here: Wen ship? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Check the shipping thread. This is also the DevTerm category.

we’re all 8-9 months into a “90 day” shipping wait. There is very little communication from this company and it seems like Alex may be the only employee and he’s milling each device by hand on an old bridgeport mill or something. there has been 1 batch shipped with another promised “soon” but if you’re like me with an order number in the 206xx range it’s looking like Christmas 2024 for us…

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Steve, firstly I do not work for this company. I do however work for a major silicon IC company so would like to comment here. I have received a number of products from Clockwork in the past and experienced similar delays. The electronics industry is in a real mess at the moment for a multitude of reasons with backlogs for some components extending to 9 months or more. We ship components into the distribution network however in most cases do not have control over who they ship the parts to. Automotive and industrial customers have priority in most cases and this can lead to longer than desired lead times for smaller companies like this one. Also a single component shortage can stop the build completely. I do understand your frustration however I am sure Alex is up to his neck in issues that are out of his control. I purchased a number of gameshell units last year that took ages to arrive however they did turn up. The last thing I would want is the likes of Alex to just give up.

I hope you take the above in a positive way as I really feel for the smaller design companies at the moment. I know their pain as we speak to them daily re component shortages.

Regards Steve (Applications Engineer for a very large semiconductor company)


That’s the thing. I don’t know if there’s a component acquisition issue or if there’s a fab issue or if the company is waiting for the stars to align. There is virtually no communication from this company. Again I realize this is a niche item but the company could do wonders by popping into the forum and letting us know what’s going on.

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Hi Steve, so it takes 12 weeks absolute minimum from a wafer start to wafer finish and then some 4-6 weeks for assembly and test. So 20 weeks minimum. I have not looked at this product with respect to the active and passive components however will try to find out what the issue may be. It is very frustrating indeed and sure that Clockwork do better


also depends on the component. Buddy of mine’s company has had to redesign several products because the lead time on some of the ICs jumped to over 24 months.

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