Is there a way to transfer files to Gameshell through a Bluetooth connection?

I couldn’t find a topic answering this so I decided to make my own. I tried to connect my phone to my Gameshell, but every time I try I get a “Authentication Failed” on the Gameshell. Is transferring files via Bluetooth just not possible, and if so, are there plans of making it possible?

It’s seem that Bluetooth in original GameShell os doesn’t work well, you have two way to fix it:
you can use the project to fix bluetooth, it comes from GameShell creators;
you can also use deot os, which is created by gcores, there are two options:

Now, I using original deot os, bluetooth work prefectly!

deot one is classic (and old) clockwork os with a new skin, so it is also made by clockwork,
the twice latest official release (0.4 and 0.5) have bluetooth functional

have bluetooth not mean you could do all what is possible with it, like transferring files, just do not expect make this here, on a first it does not make real sense, transfer what, where, with witch permissions ?

if you want made connection between your phone and gs just try make a wifi access point with your phone and connect on it with the gs, in a second time find any terminal apps on the phone to ssh on the gs or any ftps apps to transferring files.