Last update before shipping (May 31st, 2018)

I wonder what “based on the inventory” means.
Will someone get no GameShells, or very late?
I also want to know about the progress about the OS, I’m a software engineer too and I want it so eagerly.

For argument’s sake, let’s say that before March there was 1895 people that backed the GameShell and that 519 people pre-ordered the GameShell during April - May. If Clockwork made 2000 GameShell’s, they’d be able to send them all out to the backers and have 105 left-over. This is where the “based on inventory” comes into play, of those 105 leftovers the first 105 pre-orders would also get a GameShell from this initial batch. The remaining 414 pre-orders would be waiting until the next shipment.

Again, these are made up numbers just for the sake of explaining.

As for the OS, the last update stated :

The OS is currently finished, but the open sourcing of it is being delayed to clean up the code to be more understandable to others.

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Quick question, I just moved last month, any way to change or view my shipping address? I’m worried it may get sent to my former residence. (Moved to another place within same city, San Francisco, CA)

Unless if you’ve contact Clockwork since ordering the your GameShell, in your email’s inbox is the order stating the address it will be going to (you should have received this email the day you ordered the GameShell). If you need to change it, PM @yong about changing your address.

So, any update on the shipping? Still very eager to get my hands on the device!


Also interested in shipment status. This thread started almost two weeks ago with promise of last week shipment. Any updates @yong ?

Last week @yong stated that shipment will be done next week. As we are on day 2 of said week, I’d say just hang in there and wait for news. Patience is a virtue :wink:

If he posted that on the 31st wouldn’t this week be the second week? Or am I missing something? I’m happy either way!

It was posted on June 4th (post 17 on this thread), so somewhere in between :wink:

Hello, Yong,

I purchased my unit via Pledge Manager in May. When would that ship? Also, I don’t see a way to PM with order info etc. Please advise.



From another topic:

It will likely be about a month or so after the initial shipment goes out, however that estimate may float another month or so forward depending on if there’s any further delays with the first shipment.

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anyone receive the GameShell ?

No. They have not shipped yet I think.

I’m sorry, I was in travel last few days.
There was an error in the Micro SD card image, we have to reflash the cards. Now that all units have been arrived in the last stop for packaging and shipment, we could expect to receive all shipment tracking numbers next week. Backers in China may receive their consoles first in the next week, the rest will have to go through the custom and longer logistic time.


Tnx for the update @yong let’s hope that everything next will be without struggle so that everything can be shipped next week :slight_smile:


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If you bought the Game Shell in May, it will most likely be in the next shipment.



so next week awesome! look forward to hearing an update!! :smiley:


The week has finally come. Let’s get those baby’s to us! I am so exited!