Lets play Do Consoles Dream of Romeo

This project is a submission to BOOOM! The 3rd GameShell Game Jam (2019Q3)(https://itch.io/jam/gameshell-19q3)


Style: Cyberpunk/Strategy/Single player

Our game is a minimalist tactical game that contains elements from puzzle-platform games. It tells a story about a game console who falls in love with the player.

The goal of the game is to control Juliet, the humanoid game console, and Romeo, the man, to defeat all the enemies chasing them within the grid, and to finally find a paradise where there is no barrier between different species, and they can be in love freely.

In terms of the game mechanics, we Interpreted the theme ’SHIFT’ from aspects of ‘displacement’ and ‘switch’, players control the displacement of every movable units including the protagonists and the enemies within the grid using the arrow keys. Two protagonists have different skills and objectives, while players are able to launch skills to switch the location between them at any time in order to response to the constant challenges in the game. Our team members are ethusastic fans of Jonathan Blow, that we believe if we have these naturally and beautiful rules set up, the levels will come out of the way to us instead we build them artificially.

The whole experience of the game is similar to that of solving chess endgames, but in a much gentler way. While in the game, players will experience a journey of strategising and consolidating at every step.

We decided to employ the Cyberpunk artistic style for our game, adopting imagines like ’circuit board’, ‘electric conductors’ to represent our game scenes, while the whole scenes are full of dynamic effects and details; Musically, we employed electronic music aesthetics and styles that are more uplifting and dynamic to integrate closely with the artistic style and game mechanics.

Sorry, looks like new users can’t post image, but I assure you the artworks are amazing in the game!

Remember to switch to Lima driver on Gameshell for better performance!
There’re special builds for windows on homepage, you can play it without a gameshell as well


The game look very nice.
Just sad that on my GS all I see is a blue screen with an error message that I can’t read…

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Hi Lix,
Which one of the files did you download? If you’re going to run it on GameShell, you should download the
DCDOR_final_fixEnding.love from The Home Page, and copy it to games/Love2D folder of GameShell. Hope you enjoy!
Please do remember to turn on Lima Driver in settings->GPU Driver Switch for a better experience.
Please let me know if you still have trouble running it on GameShell, thanks!

Ok I’ll try later and report back.

I had the correct files but redownloaded just in case…
No Luck. I am on LOVE 11.1 (Mysterious Mysteries)

Hi Lix,
I really couldn’t repro the issue on my GameShell, thought I’m on Love 11.2 but I don’t think that’s the root cause. Could you do me a favor to upload the screenshot of the error message for me to take a look? I really want more people to enjoy our game! Thanks!

I can’t take a screenshot right now but its very simple. The screen is all blue and one line of text appears (line of text that is also half cut from the left), and I can read …py this error. It must be copy this error…

I also tried to compile manually Love 11.2 but even after installing luajit, it always tell me that the dependencies are not met, talking about luajit. Could this be the cause?

Ok it now works, I had a problem with my action.config.
But I am curious how did you install version 11.2?

Sorry I couldn’t confirm which version of love2d is on my gameshell, because I used a customized variant of Gameshell called Deot(https://alioss.gcores.com/site/deot/index.html), it claimed that it has latest version of love2d pre-installed so I thought maybe it is the 11.2 version.
Anyway, glad to hear that you can run it! Hope you enjoy!

Yes I love the game! My 8yo like it too. :slight_smile: