Love2d on gameshell



Nice. Tried the update and it works no issues. Thanks!
Updated that Tetris game I posted above for LOVE 11.1.


If anyone’s interested:
I have created a project template to quickly start developing a Löve2D Game:

Check it out!


PocketCHIP is a GREAT device, I even SSH and do things with my Shell on it

Its just a shame they up and disappeared.


Indeed! And also a shame that the keyboard isn’t great for typing with, otherwise it’d be a great pairing for making games on the go.

Thinking about picking up one of the 3d printed keyboard for the CHIP, they look quite decent.

Whats are your Favourite go to games?

Thanks folks, this thread is very helpful. I got love 11.1 installed and the bonjour test programm is running.

I like to port my menu system framework to the pie but I stuck reading error messages (the ones with the blue background). I put in the loader script the comand love . &> error.log, but nothing is in the error.log file, even that I see a blue screen. On “normal” PC this works.


got it running and updated! thank you!

I tried downloading “Mr. Rescue” and it doesn’t work on the new version… any way around this?

EDIT: I just downgraded liblove and love2d to 0.10.2 and its fine.


how do we use it lol


Thanks for the clear explanation, works all fine, but how can i set the windows size to 320x240 by default? Have same .love games but the’re all opening at a way bigger resolution :upside_down_face:


Is there a way to update .love game files to work on 11.1? Constantly upgrading and downgrading is getting lame lol