Mame2003_plus does not recognize the directional keys 2017 08 05

Just found out that the core mame2003 plus does not recognize the gameshell directional keys

and the md5sum is

MD5 ( = 58c4e3409170d1d0a339d6665fddc5c7

in case anyone met this problem

also I tested the v0.3 mame2003 plus core,it works fine

the backup core of mame2003 plus in v0.3 downloadable url is

and for v0.4 image, we use the path of ,so this problem will effect v0.4 users for now

Steps 7-9 in this post will also work.

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Iā€™m guessing that once we plug in an analogue joystick into the Arduino keyboard, it will correctly recognise the input. Either that or an old school arcade track ball haha!! Centipede style. (Boy I would love to mod one of those into my Gameshell!)
For now though, nothing really heavily benefits from an analogue input stick vs a digital dpad, as tempted as I have been to install PSP style analogue slider sticks.

thanks very much

in case of anyone need
I just made it into a cfg file