New GameShell kit -- waiting room



Waiting here, since November 23…


I would like to know why people that ordered after me are receiving updates and I am still stuck with just a tracking number. I ordered November 9 and people that ordered in January are ahead of me.


based on your location, maybe?


I am in Italy. I don’t know exactly how the courier logistics works, but it should not so different compared to UK or Netherlands.


Mine is on the move. ETA Feb. 4th. Coming to Houston,Texas.



I got a DHL tracking number, I guess people who has a FedEx package are luckier.


Got a new update, mine’s on the local FeDex at Lantau Island too!


Mine said the fourth too… Yeet!


Don’t worry, that probably means that customs clearance is done for the whole batch and DHL should update shortly. So they will leave China before the Chinese new year, which is great.


It seems that the shipments by FedEx are moving … however the shipments by DHL, without news from day 22 …


Yes, FedEx tracking has shown update today, DHL should see updates very soon, hopefully today, too.
Because of the Chinese New Year holiday, both the Customs and shipping company took much more time than usual.

Hang in there! At least all the packages are rushed to HK for shipping last week, they should all be shipped before the Chinese New Year.


Though my package shows movement I am not really trusting any date Fedex gives until I see it leave HK


I’ve got my fedex tracking updated yesterday(from pending to Lantau Island HK) night.
It was the same till 6 hours ago, and I’ve just got a phone call from my local fedex office that the package arrived(South Korea). They were asking for my information to charge custom fee’s.
There was one problem, all of my address/phone number was correct, but the name wasn’t(some guy named “Leonardo”… its funny because it isn’t a Korean name).
Since my name and the package’s name did not match up, I was asked to provide some data that I actually bought the package. I’ve sent them the receipt email for proof, and they told me it was enough.
Anyway, I am reserved for a pick-up at my local fedex office. :smiley:


ooh parcel is now in France… this thing gets around more than i do!


I live in Seoul, South Korea and recieved the package from fedex just before :grinning::grinning::grinning:


My package is stuck at customs right now… because the receiver name is not written as mine where all other information(address, phone) are correct.
Probably this happened because i had send a mail regarding address changes to help/biz and they actually changed it right. But I guess in this progress my name was changed to a guy name “Leonardo…”.
Our fedex local guys told me they need some confirmation from the shipper for confirmation that I am the one that is the actual receiver. Our fedex local office told me they’ve sent some emails regarding the confirmation, but they can’t estimate the time cause its really up to the shipper to check the email and respond.
My order # is #10987, can I ask you some help for this as to accelerate thing with the Shipper/Fedex?


DHL Germany Update: My status is still stuck at “Shipment information received”, but I’ve also got an estimated delivery date of 4th February.


DHL Germany Update: shipment picked up today, estimated delivery on 5th Feb.


DHL Ukraine same, 5th of Feb approx.