New GameShell kit -- waiting room



Same here… DHL Germany.


DHL update, estimated on Monday the 4th (Sweden)


Hi all
Mine is expected on 5th of febr.
I payed 48 € to customs via DHL web site :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s Friday and my package is STILL at Lantau Island?? Theres no way it’s gonna get here by it’s ETA on Monday :persevere:


DHL Spain, 4th of February estimate


How do you do that? Couldn’t find anything related to this on the tracking page.


It seems like just about everyone is waiting for Monday (me included!!!)


I too have Feb 4 estimated delivery to Massachusetts US, but package status shows Lantau Island HK. Either FedEx is not updating the status or it will have to travel very rapidly to make it here by Monday.


Wow! I live in Seoul, too. and just recieved my Red GameShell today as well!


Im starting to think the same thing


I ordered a razer laptop that came from HK island and it said the exact same thing and then all of a sudden the package teleported and I saw the shipment receipts move very quickly.


DHL Spain, 4th of February estimate.
Has anyone been charged customs? If so … when they notify of the amount to be paid?


Holy shit !!!

I have to pay 48,50€ for customs ! What the fuck ?! That’s a shame !! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Anyways, anyone here from Indonesia? I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia


DHL update…now the package is in Singapore.


So you never imported stuff before, huh? I pay that all the time. The Customs officers know me as the guy who imports weird electronics from Japan.


Thank god its weird electronics and not weird japanese dildos.


I don’t understand. I didn’t paid the customs fees yet and now it tells me, like sandro, that the package is in singapore… :sweat:

I’ve been noticed only by SMS that I have to pay, no email…

What do I have to do ?


You just have to pay… I’ve been there before when I ordered my Pandora’s Box and some other stuff. I also got a sms back then… I’m sure I’ll get one on Monday or so :roll_eyes:


Update, package is now in Germany so I guess it will be delivered on Monday! :pray::blush:
The problem now will be to try and get all the games/emulators on it before Tuesday evening (leaving on Wednesday). Btw, this might be a stupid question… But charging the Gameshell, can one use the charger from a mobile and stick in the wall or does one have to do it thru USB and a computer? I mean, can I break/fry it with high voltage or something?

Also, I guess everyone that has ordered the new one should update it to the latest OS o,3? I mean, flash the SD card before getting started (if I get that right… :see_no_evil:)