New GameShell kit -- waiting room



So far, no news on my end, received the FedEx tracking number the 23th but status is still pending on their tracking site, I’m from Chile by the way


Still no news either. Shipment information sent to FedEx on Jan 19th. No updates at all in the last 10 days.


Still no news, and it’s almost the Chinese spring break which means almost all eastern Asia stops for a week or two starting from this coming friday. I live in Seoul Korea, so I know what its like in these holidays…


This is getting upsetting. I keep seeing you tubers and instagram posters that are receiving units and making videos and stuff…


I‘m now playing Celeste on my Nintendo Switch. And when I‘m done the package will have certainly arrived by then. :slight_smile:


I got an update email today saying it’ll be delivered tuesday 5th feb - so next week (i’m in the UK).


I got an update too for the same date (UK also). Hoping that the customs clearance is quick. Do Fedex allow you to pay online in order to release it? Assuming there will be custom charges?


No news here… (Sweden)


Just got another update to say its just left FedEx origin facility. so i guess its on the way!


I orderd mine on 16 Jan 2019, recieved DHL information on 25 Jan. And yesterday in recieved a Message from DHL that they deliver the package on the 1st of februari . ( i had to change this to 4th of Feb. Because of the fact that i am at work
That day) I hope it wil be deliverd on that day (i am from the Netherlands)


There was no customs charge for me (also in UK) :wink:


There are a lot of tutorials and step by step guides on here… you just need to look for them.

The website was pretty organized until a bunch of people started reasking already answered questions and creating new threads for no reason- now it’s oversaturated.

Do a search in the forum before you ask a question. Chances are it has already been asked and answered. For instance - there are like 15 topics about GBA emulation and there is no need for that.

Instead of asking us (thebackers) to constantly link you information, look for it! It’s in here! :slight_smile:

It also took me 7 months to get my GameShell. Don’t be discouraged it’s worth the wait!!


You are lucky i had to pay 66 dollars (58€) at customs. With the postage and all, i had to pay almost 100 dollars (81€) Extra to get it. Hope its worth this extra cost.


Hi i got this message: Your delivery schedule has been updated to Wednesday, 2/6/2019 by 6:00 pm.

What does this mean? Does it mean I will get it on feb 6th?



I got an update at last, status changed to “Shipment information sent to FedEx” and scheduled delivery is set for next tuesday, we’ll see how it goes.


there are few who got similar updates before, but changed back to pending… i’ve got mine updated as well to Feb7th, but i have my worries that this would not be accurate. I dont think fedex got the packages yet, as there arent any thing saying they’ve recieved. i’ve called my local fedex office today, and they told me they cant give out a estimate delivery date until they actually got the package from the sender.


The email for the order sent out to me last week and apparently the order had already begun at that point. As far as I can tell it looks like the kits are made or assembled in Hong Kong and then shipped via DHL to your country’s delivery service. I’m in the US and we had two options: expedited (FedEx) and standard (USPS). I chose the USPS option and I think the package is still in the DHL delivery because the USPS tracker recognizes the tracking number I was emailed, but says they haven’t yet received it. So I’m guessing it will be fairly fast at that point though the USPS site claims nationwide delays due to the extreme cold weather.


  1. Order production and assembly in Hong Kong
  2. DHL delivery from HK to your country’s service distribution center. (E-mail with order number/tracking number)
  3. Local delivery to your door or mailbox.


I received 3 FedEx emails this morning.

  1. Delivery Update for 2/4, anticipated ship date 1/30
  2. Delivery Update for 2/4, anticipated ship date 1/30 (not sure why i got 2 of these)
  3. Shipment Tendered to FedEx Express, Ship Date 1/30 (in Transit) delivery 2/4

so, looks like it’s happening!

edit. I’m in AZ, US


I’m in the US (east coast) and got an email from Fedex saying it will be here this Monday (2/4)


I also have an email saying it will be delivered 2/4. This is west coast Canada!