New GameShell kit -- waiting room



It would be perfect to have a tutorial for beginners with everything collected, how to install things step by step, etc.

PD: Has anyone received any shipping email by DHL / Fedex? Or of the Clockwork Team as the order has been sent?


That would be awesome @Dowdheur :call_me_hand::pray::blush:

No news regarding DHL /FedEx :pensive:


Still waiting, uhh I thought today would be the day


Lol same here… Everyday :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:


It is just Linux and there are plenty of “noob friendly” guides on how to navigate a Linux system out there.


So I just realized on their website they said theyd start shipping on feb 15th. I really hope that doesnt mean the units under 11176.


You’re right.

But it can be discouraging, maybe frustrating to be forced to look elsewhere for information on how to use a device than its official website …

It will especially encourage the community to grow. And it’s very important for a product like the Gameshell. We hesitate less to take the plunge when we know that we are not alone.


so has anyone actually received a shipping confirmation yet?


No, and it becomes preocuptive


#10031 here, think I am the lowest number in the waiting queue.


Nope #10010 :smirk::sweat_smile:
It doesn’t matter though as the batch has already been sent…they say


Mhmmmmm. Tbh ive had products arrive from china faster than this unit. But Imma give them the benefit of the doubt as it seems they have a hell of a lot of orders


Me too😕 situations like this make it hard for me to want to invest in things like this in the future…


If you order something in November one think that you should receive it before February…well, I guess unless it’s posted by bottle post :smirk:


That may be right or the orders they were talking about earlier are gonna be delievered this week. I’m not the clockwork team so I cant say for certain


Just received the email with tracking number! Wooooohoooo! :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::clap::blush:


I just got mine too! #10864


Me too! :smiley:
So happy haha


#10335 checking in…

Just got my tracking number.
Though strangely the FedEx tracking shows shipping information was received on Jan 19th. And estimated delivery today (Jan 23rd.) but no other updates or tracking history. I’m doubtful it would be delivered today (TN, USA) from Hong Kong. But at least I know its on its way!


yeah I just got my tracking number on 1/23 and it says delivery by 1/25 but the detailed status from FedEx says that it has not even left Hong Kong yet – so I am very skeptical it’s going to be here by 1/25, but hey at least we have a tracking number now!