New GameShell kit -- waiting room



Yes ! I’m in too !
I’m exciting as a child waiting for Christmas :blush:


I’m still waiting​:cry::cry::cry:


Tracking number here too. Scheduled for this Friday (25th). I ordered mine on the 5th. Imma waitin’ and a waitin’


Just got mine! :slight_smile: Don’t worry agg im sure you are gonna get your unit soon too. Uhh this is gonna make it so stressful cuz that same day I have an exam and a radio show


Mine is cumming tomorrow


Just got my tracking # and it says it’s going to be delivered tomorrow. Very skeptical, but that’d be pretty rad.


Got tracking # today, saying delivery today which sounds off since there’s no update showing up related to that tracking # except for the Shipment information sent to FedEx (on the 1/19) …


Got my tracking # today, says it’ll be here tomorrow to.


Getting my shiny new GS tomorrow :partying_face:!


Mine still pending :sweat:


In Australia here, I just received my shipping code this morning, I also have the status “Shipment information sent to FedEx” but is still scheduled to deliver for today thing. Talking to a colleague, sometimes they only update package tracking after it’s arrived in the country and passed customs so it might actually be today, which would be PRETTY EXCITING. I’ve been wanting a good Pico-8 handheld for a while now.


Holy moly ! Let’s hope to get it hands on by today.


Fridays gonna be like Christmas for all of us :slight_smile:


I’m still waiting… which is weird because my order number falls under the number of orders ready to ship…


i am still waiting the tracking number,… #10056 :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I hope you’ll get your tracking number asap :pray:


Thanks. I hope so too


My number is 10448. So I guess u will probably get confirmation before me.


Looks like the delivery dates are incorrect, as we suspected. FedEx only reports the label being created, but has missed by delivery window of today by 8pm local time.

If past experience is any indicator, this tracking will flip to “Pending” and it will take several days to a week to reach California.


I’ve had this happen to packages quite a few times especially when its coming from over seas. But hey tracking numbers are always nice. Just got to wait for them to get sorted out. lol