New GameShell kit -- waiting room



Just got mine track number. I don’t remember my order # and accidentally deleted that letter, but remember I ordered it in December.


Received my tracking code in an email today! (Aus)


I’ve received my tracking code today, apparently it’s been shipping since 2 days and will reach me today (Germany, DHL). :slight_smile:


yay i got mine too… should arrive by Friday…


#10237 here, my GS has been shipped on the 22nd and is scheduled for today the 24th (Germany).


Me too. But i do not think it will arrive today. Maybe next week :+1:


I’m not believing it either, according to a more detailed tracking page I found, the shipment has just been announced to DHL but not yet received. :confused:


I tried it here.


#10056 still no tracking number :confused::confused::confused::confused:


Mine says it arrives today but I somehow highly doubt that


Same for me. If you’re from Germany and you track your package here, it does only say that the shipment information have been received by DHL, not the actual parcel. So definitely not today and I think it’s more likely to arrive next week (were I’m on a business trip and can’t receive it :frowning:)


Got mine too except DHL doesn`t ship in my country @yong


Mine doesn’t say estimated delivery day… :see_no_evil:


Got track number for #10936 yesterday! And it is going to be delivered to Kyiv, Ukraine :beers:


Package has estimated delivery for today (1/24) it never came.


Same here. I don’t think the FedEx delivery dates really mean anything.


Yep, mine has moved back to pending. Oh well.


I’m not sure FedEx is to blame in this case. The initial delivery date may have been requested by the sender, and was never intended to be realistic. I’ve seen this happen before. :slight_smile:


same to my side as well


Well c, todays the day


Well the FedEx status for mine is currently still at “Shipping Label Created” - this just means the client has printed a label for a package. FedEx has not received a package yet, and has not begun to ship it from Hong Kong. So I think it is going to be a long time still, despite the estimated delivery date. My guess is weeks. I expect that estimated delivery date you see from your shipper is, as someone commented, supplied by the shipping client as a requested delivery date. It’s probably going to be revised outward when the shipper actually receives a package to ship… (dont want to be a bearer of bad news, but we probably need to reset our expectations here…)