New GameShell kit -- waiting room



I’m aware of the possibility and dont really mind how long it takes, I also know that it may be possible that fedex is just being lazy with updating their tracking info.


stop talking sense, i can’t bear it!


That’s definitely not what was conveyed to me. I understand what you are saying Mad_Ned, but package was supposed to be shipped when the tracking number was sent to me. I have seen other companies do that before. Make the label and then send you the tracking info, but you would see tracking updates the next day. Its Friday, the expected due date on the tracking number I received and still no updates. This tells me, the shipping company (Fedex in my case) has not received the package to ship.

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Date: Tue, Jan 15, 2019, 1:30 AM
Subject: Re: order number
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I’ve tried resent your invoice, also attached pdf in this email.

We are finishing up packaging in this week, you could expect your new GameShell shipment in this or next week. Tracking number will be sent to you when it’s shipped.

Thanks for your support and patience.


Clockwork is sketchy as hell.


Never will I ever again. I move to my new house tomorrow and this package is mia af.


Welp. Didn’t come today :(. Oh well Guess another week. Not the worst thing in the world.


So, like many others, I didn’t receive mine either. It was supposed to be delivered 1/24.

Now, the Fedex tracker isn’t even showing an estimated date. It just says Pending.

Is there an issue?


Order (#11247) and I just got a tracking number! No updates yet, but its been created.


FedEx uses the pending state for orders which are not delivered by the requested or estimated delivery date.

It usually occurs at the last mile, when a given FedEx truck breaks down, or there’s a weather related delay.

This is the first time I’ve seen an order go into pending before shipment actually even started – which is why I suspect the issue is with the sender, not with FedEx.


Maybe this’ll help out some people. Think they won’t start shipping sometime after February 15th. I didn’t get any emails about it yet. Just noticed it on their homepage. Something to do with the holidays. I got a FedEx tracking number as well with a scheduled delivery for next Wednesday but I have a feeling it’ll be here sometime after the 15th of next month. Hope that helps some people out.


I wouldn’t blame the sender, CW said numerous times that they handed over our packages. My bet is on the customs, probably already celebrating Chinese spring break @yong


Spring Break?! Oh no, does that mean that cheap-beer-drinking-young-Chinese-students are playing with our packages? :thinking: :sweat_smile:


If they atleast get out of china before the 5th of febuary we may be in luck, if not I’m seriously upset as i definitely thought we wouldve had these in Jan by now, bit disapointed.


My order’s also still pending! Are we going to get updates eventually? Is there a possibility these won’t come till march?


Are you in Russia? Please send email with detailed info to


The package was sent from Shenzhen to Hong Kong for FedEx/DHL international express shipping. There’s an exporting process (Customs document and inspection, etc.) need to finished by Friday. The tracking info should be updated on Monday, it’s normal if the ETA is not right initially, or the status becomes pending now. When it starts to move in Hong Kong next week, the ETA should be more accurate.


Does this mean the packages won’t start actually moving until the beginning of February? I live in an area where package theft is high (EST US), so i’m just trying my best to get an estimate to make proper preparations. Thanks Yong!


Yes I live in Russia, but kind of detailed info do you need?

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Hi, @whitemage6 ! Another russian customer here. I have not recieved my shipping number yet but already worried by your previous post. I wonder where did you get information that DHL does not ship to Russia?


I called DHL directly.