New GameShell kit -- waiting room



Ps I called them twice to be exact


@yong my ord no 10973 still no tracking no. I live in south Africa. What’s happening???


I have sent your tracking number via PM, please check.


@yong thx bru! Will get my uncle to check tracking :+1:


This February 15th date that is on the homepage; is that for new orders or does it apply to everyone. I order mine on November 4th, and was under the impression that those orders would be fulfilled by end of January. Is that not the case anymore?


I think that’s for new orders. We who ordered in November are planned to get ours during January… But I don’t know if that’s the case. Most of us have gotten tracking numbers från DHL/FedEx… But mine hasn’t moved in a week, it still says Hong Kong when checking the tracking nr…


It also only says “shipment information received”, DHL doesn’t have a package to move it.


Yeah exactly… I guess it will come in February…


My experience (with AliExpress for example) is that the status won’t move, even if my package is already waiting for customs in Frankfurt. So anything is possible.


It would be great to get an official response on this, especially for Nov orders. Based on all the comments so far, Feb 15th seems to be the likely date when shipments will start.


Mine is the other way around, I usually follow the packages all the way to Sweden, even when it’s with a carrier for delivery…but I prefer what you’re saying :wink:


@yong responded already: New GameShell kit -- waiting room


When he says monday do you think that means today (1/28) or next monday


Ah, I missed that :grin:. Thanks, @1n9i9c7om!


even from what @yong said… i guess the custom never passed, since its already tuesday and nothing changed at the fedex status(still pending)


So recived my tracking number last week in an email saying deliver date of the 5th Feb, and now received a text message this morning from FedEX saying it will be delivered by the 4th, has anyone else received a text update?


Are you in the US by chance? @Ragenesis


UK I’m afraid @Paneer, had another email earlier saying it had left the FedEx facility, just got to hope it gets through customs quickly now


See if the packages sent by DHL begin to move … Has anyone received any new update of the shipment? Mine is from January 22 stopped with the message “information of the order received.”


Same here, don’t worry. I think it’ll arrive some time next week.