New paint job for my game shell

Zelda clockworkpi, it’s not perfect but I think it looks pretty solid.


VERY NICE! It reminds me a lot fo the special edition 3DS that came out with A link between worlds!
A few questions! Is that a modded stock front shell, or was it a freshly printed one? Was the tri force black logo masked, ie after doing a black base coat? Was it all primed, and airbrushed etc? What kind of paints? Was there any sealant etc. you used, or top coat. Just wondering… because ahhh you must have read my mind. I’m about to do a similar thing soon! The last thing I want are gold sweaty palms after a long gaming sessions!
This is my upcoming plan. Something based on the colour palette of a Zaku (HiZack) from the Gundam Universe. I love building/painting Gundams. The gameshell is basically a gundam, so it makes sense!

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That’s what I designed it after, I tried a few different things that’s why the paint job is not perfectly smooth.

All done with a rattle cans, first start with an 800 grit sand paper and do a sand all over the stock front this will help the paint stick. Then think through your design (I did mock ups in Photoshop), I did a black base because it helps brings out the gold. 3 coats 20min apart all light, you can also do the same with the airbrush waiting less times and doing a few more coats. Then let cure for a day, or if in hot area do 12 hours. Then hit with your main color same steps.

I have a vinal cutter, so I designed a triforce real quick and used it to make a vinal stencil. I placed it and then tapped off everything else. Then hit it with black, I did the same for the letters up top, the mistake I made was I did not place it perfect and I noticed it but was too much work to fix so I said funk it and just plowed on.

once all dry another 12-24 hours. Do two layers of high gloss clear coat follow instructions on rattle can. Then a final coat of matte, or if you like the high gloss one more of those. The reason to do this is because the high gloss is thicker and will hold up longer. Please share your picture when done I look forward to see it! I’ll be working on the back next I plan to add the 5 buttons inside the case and do a jet black back. let me know if I can help anymore brother.

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Also here is what is under my paint job, I wanted to practice some chipped paint, paint work. Then tried one more below then did zelda after and did not want to use filler cause I kinda liked the textured look.


Then I decided I wanted to try a a chipped layered paint job look kinda fallout style, then finally I did zelda that it will stay.


So yours should turn out much smoother than mine. If you just follow the first process I detailed out.


Last update, made some custom icons also. And added a new back that integrated the buttons.


A belated reply! - been inhaling too much paint, and got sick lol.

Thanks for all the info and photos!! Gives some real human insight and inspiration! Ha I love the Zelda UI and font of the main menu :wink:

Wow!! You masked the entire thing, then did black. Now I’m thinking I should invest in a vinyl cutter. Very nice.

Ha, sounds like a similar process to doing model painting. Good tip re: multiple primer layers. I would have normally done one. Just wasn’t sure how we’ll paint would hold up to the game shell’s plastic. Looks like your paint is holding up well. I was afraid of chopping where it interfaces with the buttons.

I have never had luck with gloss sprays on gold. Always dulled the look compared to a raw gold spray. Maybe I just need better gloss spray haha.

Eg (it was for a cosplay)



Because I’m a huge coward, I’ll wait till I order a spare front shell (waiting for DEOT stand-alones to be sold), then fiddle with my stock ones. There will be PLENTY of photos! >:). Probably will reprint some buttons in SNES colours too.


Hi buddy, all those silver shades look dope. Even I will share a few done by me soon!

Sloth Smith

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@Madness: Well your nickname suit you :wink: You are crazy :smiley:

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Indeed, ironically this was an old name I had when I was a hacker and I got it from a shirt in my closet for the band Madness some 25 years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

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I got it from a shirt in my closet for the band Madness some 25 years ago

You nutty boy , you! One Step Beyond!

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