New programs to make videogames in 2D?

Greetings people.

I’m wondering if anybody knows programs to make videogames in 2D very easy to work with, for no programers.

And it will be perfect to work in Windows OS to put it on a gameshell when I finish.

Thanks for the info!

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Really depends on what you want to do, and how much you are ready to learn a bit of programming.

There is no solution that easily target the game shell, but there are a couple of hints:

For RPGs you can have a look at RPGMaker:
For other type of 2D games, you can look at tools like

Clickteam Fusion:
or Game Maker Studio:

If you are willing to learn a bit of programming language, python would probably be a good choice for a start, and there are some interesting books like these one:

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Thank you so much Godzil, I’m eager to start :grinning:


You are welcome, don’t hesitate to ask question!

You might also consider App Game Kit: which is pretty straightforward.
One thing to keep in mind is that for the Gameshell, you need it to produce ARM compatible files (RPG maker seems to make that pretty complicated)

Not going to make a full discussion about it, but RPGMaker 2000 project should be usable on teh GameShell with not a lot of work.

If I get mine one day I will make an howto about it.

Did you ever find out how to?

You could use Godot. It has a a visual scripting language designed for people who don’t want to dive into programming.

I’ll be posting updates on getting the engine working with the clockwork board in the future. :wink:


I think can use this if do not know the programming languages.:hugs:
What is the better think other than this?

Gamemaker is a good piece of software, you can code if you want but it also has drag and drop functionality. Don’t know if it lets you export for gameshell though, maybe someone else can answer that?

Another option you may wish to consider is PICO-8?
It’s a fantasy 8-bit console (essentially a gamedev engine) for making, sharing and playing tiny games and other computer programs.

The PICO-8 console/engine is designed to have limitations (code/screen/colours/etc.) - so don’t expect to create the next AAA title on it, but the limitations actually help you to stay focused on creating gameplay - and also makes it quite good for prototyping.

It’s not free, but it’s only a one-off cost of $14.99 - and that allows you to export to Web, as well as Win, Mac and Linux binaries. It’s a self-contained system, with integrated: Sprite, Map, SFX and Music editor all built-in.

People have successfully got the Raspberry Pi build to work on the GameShell, see here for a guide.

Anyway, something else to potentially consider! :smiley:


I’ve been using LÖVE, you can find all the info you need to get up and running here:

There’s a thread on the forum for it here: Love2d on gameshell

Some great tutorials to get started here: