No video on SPC, or GBA now, after trying to get genesis to work

Had SNES and GBA support working out the box fine but , after fiddling trying to get Genesis to work on retroarch or with a launcher, no roms would play for genesis or would play with no video.

Now i have no video on snes and gba as well.

So i cant even play those.

So the out of the box functionality of snes and gameboy is broken now. Anyone have any advice as to how , other than having to format the entire memory card to fix it?

Or could it be something with the battery being low, that is causing no video to come up. Idk.

Its charging now. So when full i could try again but all i know is."

No video on snes or gb now and basically, no games playable. I just dont understand why it stopped working whent hose emulators were working fine before. and i didnt change any configuration of them.

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What GBA emulator are you using?

Okay, got it working. Thought Iā€™d let anyone else know if they find this thread.

I just reinstalled retroarch using these commands:

Close RetroArch, SSH into your GS and then do
cd ~/.config/retroarch
rm retroarch.cfg

from this thread (Solved) Help here, retroarch.cfg needed

Got video back ā€¦ For now. Wont try setting up megadrive again probably lol . I seemed to have issues getting genesis megadrive working on my GS. Would like to get it working acuse i love the genesis library (earthworm jim, alladin) which are better than the snes versions.

Glad to see my experience helped :grinning:. Be sure to make a backup file next time~